You have shoes that are alright and then you have shoes that are "cool."cheap nike air max 90 The Nike Air Max Skyline falls into the latter category. It is one amazing shoe and people all over can agree that it is very Style -The first thing that you notice about this sneaker is the fact that it's extremely fashionable and stylish. The Nike Air Max Skyline is available in a wide range of colors and they are mixed and matched to produce a very funky shoe. The Air Max bubble that can be found in the rear of the shoe, gives it an edge that people love. The overall look of the shoe is pretty good and the designers did an excellent job in this department. Comfort - well aside from having a very stylish sneaker, the Nike Skyline is also comfortable. Because nike air max 90 it is a casual shoe, it was designed for everyday wear. You can wear the sneaker just about everywhere and you do not have to worry about your feet hurting you. The Skyline is able to accomplish this with the Air Max cushioning system as well as the PU midsole that allows the shoe to be comfortable. You cannot go wrong in regards to comfort when it comes to this sneaker. Price - Another great selling point of these shoes that makes them so cool is the fact that they are reasonably priced. For shoes that look so good, you can often get them at low prices. This can work with even better if you were able to get the shoes on special or discounts. All in all the Nike Air Max Skyline SI is a pretty cool shoe. You have footwear that is extremely stylish, provides comfort and can also be had at a good price. You cannot go wrong with a sneaker like this. I know I didn't and I am extremely happy with my purchase. cheap nike air max 90

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